What to Pack for Summer in Europe: A Complete Packing List and Outfit Inspiration

Summer in Europe Complete Packing List

A trip to Europe in the summer is an absolute dream! Cobblestone streets, delicious food, epic views and iconic history are in your future! Summer is one of the most popular and best times of year to visit Europe. This post will walk through exactly what you need to pack for summer in Europe with my favorite tips and tricks to pack more efficiently without sacrificing style.

What weather to expect in Europe in the summer

summer in Europe outfits

Depending on the exact location of your summer Europe trip, temperatures will vary but you can expect it to be hot. Some destinations will be much warmer than others. You will want to pack lightweight and comfortable clothing that is durable enough to wear all day long.

Hopefully it is sunny where you are traveling to but you should also prepare for the occasional rain shower.

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Basic tips for packing for Europe in the summer

Wear comfortable shoes

Most likely you will be doing lots of walking when traveling to Europe in the summer. There are plenty of shoes that are both stylish and comfortable for your summer in Europe packing list!

Pack light

Trust us here, you do not want to drag large luggage on cobblestone streets. You will thank yourself for packing light when you arrive! This summer in Europe packing list will help you to narrow down what items you need to pack and what can be left at home.

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Be respectful of cultural standards

Depending on your exact itinerary and destinations, you may enter some religious establishments. It is important to be prepared to cover your shoulders and knees when necessary and be respectful of any rules put in place in those establishments.

Use packing cubes

Packing cubes are an absolute travel packing game changer and you need them for a trip to Europe in the summer. By using packing cubes, you will be able to both fit more clothes on your packing list and also keep yourself organized. You can use the packing cubes as drawers so you know exactly where each article of clothing is packed.

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Take pictures of your outfits before you go

This is one of the best packing hacks for any trip. Take pictures of all of your different outfits and save the pictures in an album on your phone. This way when you get to Europe, you do not need to try on multiple looks before heading out! You can refer to your camera roll to decide what to wear.

what to wear in Europe

A complete summer in Europe packing list

I’ll dive into more details below but here is a quick snapshot of a Europe packing list:


  • 1x joggers
  • 1x jean shorts
  • 1x lightweight shorts
  • 1x lightweight pants
  • 1x skirt


  • 2x tank tops
  • 2x lightweight shirts
  • 1x lightweight button down


  • 2x long dresses
  • 1x romper or short dress

Outer layers

  • 1x lightweight jacket
  • 1x rain jacket

Swimwear (depending on location and itinerary)

  • 2x swimmer
  • 1x swim cover-up


  • 1x sneakers
  • 1x walking sandals
  • 1x dress sandals


  • 1x day bag
  • 1x small crossbody
  • 1x beach bag


  • 1x hair scarfs
  • 1x sun hat

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Summer in Europe packing list clothes

Bottoms to pack for summer in Europe

The best shorts and pants to pack for summer in Europe should be staple pieces and lightweight. Jean shorts are a travel basic and will match any combination of tops that you pack. I also love to include a lightweight pair of pants or shorts because they are easy to dress up and down.

These joggers are simply the best travel pants! I wear them anytime I am traveling and they are a great comfy pair of pants when lounging on the road.

I love the idea of adding a pop of color to your European summer wardrobe with a fun pair of shorts or a skirt. These will be great to dress up for a night out or keep it casual during the day.

Summer tops to pack for Europe

Similar to packing pants and skirts, you want a healthy mix of neutral tops with some fun ones! Make sure that you have an outfit in mind with every top that you pack. This three-pack of shirts from Amazon has lasted me years and are so comfortable. They can be dressed up or down. The same can be said about these tank tops, you can layer them underneath everything so you still have a complete look together when you shed some layers!

Button down shirts are great for layering an outfit if it gets a little chilly at night. They can be worn as a staple shirt alone or used as a lightweight outer layer.

Dresses to pack for summer in Europe

Lightweight dresses are the best articles of clothing to pack for summer in Europe because they are comfortable to wear all day long and can also be dressed up for a nice dinner. You can wear these dresses with your sneakers or dressier sandals. This simple Amazon dress is very comfortable and comes in tons of colors.

You should also have some fun with the dresses you pack for Europe! Add some florals or patterned staple pieces that make you feel confident and stand out while you live your best life on your European summer vacation. This Hill House classic dress comes in so many colors and patterns to choose from. These dresses are also a good length because they cover your knees in case you are entering churches during the day.

I pack this exercise dress anytime I travel to any warm weather destination and Europe is no exception. This is the best versatile dress for travel!

Shoes to pack for summer in Europe

In all of my Europe packing lists, I talk about how cobblestone streets are not friendly when it comes to wearing platform shoes. You will be walking tons when traveling in Europe so it is essential to choose shoes that you will be comfortable walking in all day long. I wear classic white Birkenstocks when it is hot in Europe in the summer. A comfortable pair of sneakers will also suffice and match everything on the packing list. These Tevas also come in lots of colors and can be worn day or night.

I prefer to skip the heels and bring this comfortable pair of slip on sandals when dressing up an outfit. They hardly take up any space in your bag and are comfortable enough to wear for dinner and a night out!

Bags to pack for summer in Europe

There’s no need to overpack the amount of bags on your trip to Europe. I recommend bringing one small day bag backpack for long days of tourism and a smaller crossbody bag when you do not need to carry around lots of items or going out at night. Make sure to also pack a waterproof bag if planning any boat days or water activities.

What to pack for the beach in Europe

If you are traveling to any beach destinations, make sure to remember to pack any essentials that you may need for water activities.

What outfits to wear in Europe in the summer

Here are some ideas of what to wear in Europe in the summer! Remember to think through each of your outfits when building out your full packing list. Each article of clothing should belong with a full outfit.

Summer in Europe brunch and museum packing list outfit

Brunch & museum tour outfit

Summer in Europe city walking tour packing list outfit

City walking tour outfit

Summer in Europe beach day packing list outfit

Beach day trip outfit

Summer in Europe dinner packing list outfit

Dinner and night out outfit

Summer in Europe morning walk packing list outfit

Morning walk outfit

Summer in Europe packing list travel day outfit

Travel day outfit

Other Europe packing essentials

I hope this packing list helps you decide what to wear in Europe on your upcoming trip this summer! Be sure to tag us on social or comment if you are wearing anything we suggested because we love to see it. Happy traveling!

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