10 Best Personal Items for Travel in 2024

best personal items for travel

As avid travelers, we understand the importance of having the right gear for every adventure. When it comes to navigating airports and maximizing packing space, it is essential to find the best personal item bag for your travel needs. The market is saturated with many different bag options, so we did the hard work researching the best personal item options for you!

You deserve to feel confident and stay organized with the bag you carry through the airport. In this blog post, we’ll look at the best practical and stylish personal item bags that comply with strict airline regulations. We’ll consider comfort, support, style, and versatility when choosing the perfect personal item bag!

How to Choose the Perfect Personal Item for Travel

Consider Your Packing Needs

When investing in a new bag, it is essential to think about what functionality you need in your personal item. When you pack your personal item efficiently, you can easily fit everything you need in a carry-on bag. Here are a few things to think about when choosing the best personal item for your travel needs:

  • Ample storage space for extra clothes
  • Different compartments for organization
  • Front pockets for small accessories
  • Water bottle holder
  • Laptop and large device protection

Which of these features are essential to you? What items do you need easy access to while hustling through the airport? Take these factors into consideration when choosing your personal item.

Choose a Bag that Functions with Your Other Luggage

It is essential to think through your travel bags as a unit, not just the individual personal item. Even though you may only carry your personal item through the airport, you will need to move each piece of luggage together once you leave the airport. You will want to be able to easily carry and move all of your luggage together with ease.

Here is a complete list of the best rolling carry-on bags for travel.

Invest in a Bag You Love

Your personal item is arguably the most essential piece of travel luggage – it will always be with you! Invest in a bag that you love for both its style and practicality. You should feel proud and confident strutting through the airport with your personal item! The best personal item for you will reflect your personality and style while also accomplishing your packing needs.

The 10 Best Personal Items for Travel

best personal items for travel

Calpak Terra: Best All-Around Travel Personal Item

This Calpak Terra Backpack is the best all-around personal item for travel. This backpack is stylish and practical, with tons of packing space. I can fit a whole week of clothes and accessories in this bag alone. With the side strap, you can carry this as a backpack or on your shoulder. There are also multiple colors to choose from! If you are a frequent traveler, the Calpak Terra will last you years and is worth the investment.

Purchase here

Amazon Travel Backpack: Best Budget Personal Item

If you are shopping on a budget and need more time to be ready to invest in a Calpak bag, this is the best personal item for you! Travelers love this backpack because there is a large center compartment and tons of colors to choose from to match your other luggage. If you are hesitant, read the reviews.

Purchase here

Cotopaxi 28L Travel Pack: Best Personal Item for a Backpacker

Cotopaxi is a trusted and favorite travel brand for good reason! They create unique bags with savvy and innovative layouts. The biggest perk of this bag is the extra compartments to fit more clothes. The double-sided mesh is excellent for separating items and staying organized!

Purchase here

Cotopaxi Sling: Best Personal Item for a Casual Style

This is another unique layout for a Cotopaxi bag that holds tons of items. While it may not look like it will fit under the airplane seat, there is confirmation from multiple travelers that, indeed, it does. There is also a protective laptop sleeve to hold your larger electronics.

This bag is just one large compartment. The Cotopaxi Sling is a great option if you do not need lots of little pockets and just need space to pack up various items without much organization.

Purchase here

Calpak Luka Duffel: Best Personal Item for Weekend Travel

If you prefer to avoid wearing a backpack, this is the perfect personal item for you! This duffel-style bag is both practical and spacious for airport travel. This sleek design glides effortlessly under the airplane seat, ensuring easy access to everything you need.

Purchase here

Amazon Duffel: Best Budget Duffel Style Personal Item

The medium size of this Amazon duffel is a dupe version of the Calpak Luka listed above. This bag is perfect for a duffel-style personal item on a budget. Easily pack for a long weekend in this bag alone, especially with the shoe compartment on the bottom!

Purchase here

The Backpack Beis: Best Versatile Personal Item

This is one of the best backpack-style personal items that easily fits under the airplane seat. This neutral-style bag has a large center compartment that matches any other luggage. While the canvas material looks great, it will stain easily and is not easy to clean. That’s okay if this bag fits your needs, it is just something to note!

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Away The Outdoor Convertible Backpack: Convertible Backpack and Duffel Personal Item

Away is another trusted travel bag brand; this personal item is no different from their other bags! The layout is practical and spacious, with a couple of different pockets in the front to keep small items organized. It also has a side strap to hold it on your shoulder rather than as a backpack.

Purchase here

Calpak Hue Mini Carry-On Luggage: Most Chic Travel Personal Item

This is the most chic personal item on the market. This bag is perfect for a frequent business traveler to look professional and stylish while running from the airport to a meeting!

Purchase here

Baboon To The Moon Go-Bag Duffle Mini: Trendiest Personal Item

Function meets fun with this Baboon To The Moon Duffle Mini! The middle is spacious enough to pack various items, and it can also be worn as a backpack or as a shoulder duffle bag. Take a look at all of the vibrant different colors to choose from.

Purchase here

What counts as a personal item?

A personal item is a piece of luggage that fits underneath the airplane seat in front of you. Most airlines will allow passengers to bring one personal item for free. Always check the specific baggage allowance of your chosen airline to avoid surprises.

What are the size requirements for a personal item?

Airlines have varying size limits for personal items. The typical range for a personal item is from 17″ x 13″ x 9″ to 18″ x 14″ x 8″. Always measure and read reviews for your bag to ensure that it will fit under the airline seat!

Tips for packing in your personal item

Keep flight essentials accessible.

Leave anything you need for the flight easily accessible in your personal item. Whether at the top of your bag or in a convenient compartment, you should quickly grab everything you need during the flight. Things to leave accessible during the flight:

  • Headphones
  • Eye Mask
  • Neck pillow
  • Chargers
  • Kindle or book
  • Electronics
  • Chargers

Always pack essential medications and travel documents in your personal item.

Your personal item will always be with you while traveling, so it is the safest place to store your most essential items. These items include medications, important travel documents, and your most cherished or expensive electronics or jewelry.

Pack an extra set of clothes.

Once again, your personal item will remain with you throughout your entire airport journey. Barring a crazy circumstance, you will have the items packed in your personal item when you arrive at your destination. The same cannot be said for items in a checked bag! It is a good idea always to pack extra clothes in your personal item in case your other luggage arrives at a different time.

Stay organized.

Packing cubes and storage organizers will keep your bag tidy. By staying organized, you can also easily access any items in your personal item since everything will have a specific place.

One simple way to stay organized in your bag is to pack heavier items towards the bottom and lighter items on top for easier access. This will also make it easier to carry your bag throughout the airport!

A versatile personal item is a must-have for any traveler! Choose one that is stylish and comfortable, making it the perfect choice for long days in the airport. We hope this list of the best personal items for travel helps make your decision easier about which bag to add to your luggage lineup for your next trip!

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