Travel Gift Guide: Unique Travel Gifts for Men in 2023

Men's Travel Gift Guide

It can be tricky to find the perfect gift for men, especially if it seems like they already have everything they need. But if you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for the man in your life who loves to travel, this list is for you! This is a complete list of the best travel gifts for men.

From practical items that will make his travels more comfortable and convenient to fun and unique gifts that will help him make the most of his adventures, there is something for every type of traveler on this list!

32 Best Travel Gifts for Men

1. Travel Dress Pants and Joggers

You can ask any man who owns these pants, and they will vouch that they are extremely comfortable and versatile. These pants are as comfy as joggers and dressy enough to wear while fine dining.

2. Universal Shorts

Similar to the pants above, these shorts are meant to be worn for a workout or with a nice button down shirt. We love versatile pieces of clothing because that means packing less in your bag!

3. Bombas Men’s Socks

This is a luxury travel gift for men because these socks are the most comfortable socks in the world. Once your man starts wearing Bombas, he won’t want to wear anything else!

4. Travel Shaving Kit

If there is a man in your life that does not already have this shaving kit, this is the perfect travel gift for him! It comes with a case to hold all of the different pieces so everything is organized.

5. Bro Mask

Here is a fun gift idea for a man who loves his skincare. He can use these to brighten his face after a long travel day or overnight flight!

6. Small Toiletry Bag

Typically a small toiletry bag will be more than enough for a man to fit all of his toiletry items. This is a great compact option to give as a travel gift! This one is also waterproof as an added bonus.

7. Keychain Bottle Opener and Charging Cord

How cool is this keychain that is both a bottle opener and a phone charger? This is such a unique travel gift for men to open their beer and charge at the same time.

8. UE Boom Waterproof Speaker

This is by far the best speaker for travel and makes a great gift for a man. It can also be hooked up to other UE Boom Speakers to extend the volume in a large space.

9. Dude Face and Body Cleansing Wipes

These would make a great travel gift for a man who will be getting off a plane and needs to go somewhere before he can shower. Oftentimes when you land after an overnight you aren’t able to access housing for hours. These will be great to freshen up for the day!

10. Watch Travel Case

These watch cases are the perfect travel gift for a man who travels with more than one watch. These will keep the watches protected and organized.

11. Electronics and Cord Organizer

If your man is anything like Seth then he definitely needs a way to organizer all of those chargers and cords that always seem to be floating around. This cord and electronic organizer makes a great travel gift for men!

12. RFID Secure Wallet

Is it time for a wallet upgrade? Gift a man in your life this secure wallet and money clip! It comes in multiple color options.

13. Travel Shoe Bag

I love this as a travel gift for men because it is something they probably have not thought about. This shoe bag is perfect to protect golf shoes or any type of shoe while it is packed in the bag with all of their other belongings!

14. Nintendo Switch

This is an amazing travel gift for a man because he can play games while on the plane, train or really anywhere. We love playing the Switch on long travel days! They can also play online with other friends.

15. Water Resistant Bag

Why is it always up to the women to bring the beach bag? This sleek water resistant bag is perfect for a man to load up and carry his things to the pool or beach. It can also be compacted to be packed in any bag for destination trips.

16. Mini Projector

This is such a unique gift to be able to watch TV or a movie while traveling. It is so small and compact but powerful!

17. Apple AirTags

One of the best gifts you can give any traveler is AirTags! They are so popular right now for good reason. Drop an AirTag in every one of your bags and easily track all of your belongings. They are a great travel gift!

18. Portable Phone Charger

Every traveler needs a portable phone charger! This one is super slim, lightweight and will fit in every bag or pocket. This is the most practical travel gift for men.

19. Tide To Go Pens

It is always the most inconvenient times that you realize you need a Tide To Go pen. This is a thoughtful and practical travel gift for anyone who is prone to stains.

20. Waterproof Playing Cards

This is such a cheap and easy travel gift or stocking stuffer for your man! We use our waterproof cards on almost every trip. They are perfect to use at the pool, beach or even just a night out at the bar.

21. Convertible Garment Bag

This is such a thoughtful travel gift for men who travel for weddings or work. This bag can hold so much more than just a suit! We use this bag every time we travel for a formal event.

22. Herschel Classic Hip Pack

Why should women be the only ones who get to carry both functional and stylish bags around? Seth wears his crossbody bag everywhere we travel because it is the best way to keep all of your small personal items safe and secure on your body. Your man this thank you for this practical travel gift!

23. Portable Espresso Maker

If your man loves coffee, an on-the-go coffee solution will make the perfect travel gift! This espresso maker is small enough to fit in any bag and makes great coffee, no matter your location.

24. Travel Camping Hammock

This hammock is such a fun gift for men who love to be outdoors while traveling! While it is meant for camping, this hammock is also useful at the beach, on boats and can even be set up on balconies for extra comfort.

25. Away Carry-On Luggage

This is the best carry-on bag on the market. If someone in your life is in need of a luggage upgrade, here is the perfect travel gift!

26. DJI Mini 3 Drone

This is the latest and greatest mini drone on the market. This would be a great gift for a traveler to share the cost with a few other people! We were given our drone as a gift and absolutely love it. It is so compact for travel and reasonably priced for the quality and how easy it is to use.

27. Insta 360

We recently purchased this camera to upgrade our content while traveling and love it! It is the perfect gift for a traveler who loves to document their adventures.

28. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

This is another luxury item to give as a gift. We never travel without noise cancelling headphones. They are a travel gamechanger and will make a great gift!

29. AirFly Pro

This is a great travel gift for men who would prefer to watch a show with their headphones rather than ones given by the airline. There are so many uses for this handy travel device!

30. Cotopaxi Allpa 28L Travel Pack

This is one of the best backpacks on the market right now that fits as a personal item under the seat. Cotopaxi is a great backpack brand and makes the perfect travel gift!

31. Packable Rain Jacket

Every traveler needs a sturdy rain jacket! This is a great option that is packable to barely take up any space in a bag.

32. Microfiber Towel

We pack this towel on every trip we take! This is the best universal towel for travel and is a practical gift for any jetsetter.

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We hope this list of travel gifts for men inspires for holiday shopping this year! Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite.

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