What to Pack for Ireland: A Complete Packing List

What to pack for Ireland Complete Packing List

One of the best things about traveling to Ireland is how simple it is to pack for this awesome country! This guide on what to pack for Ireland will walk you through recommendations from head to toe.

The number one rule I think of when it comes to what to pack for Ireland: comfort is key. Ireland is not a fancy country. I have never entered a pub or restaurant and felt underdressed in jeans and a sweater. Depending on the time of year, you will need more outer layers. I have been to Ireland in both the summer and winter. I wore a lot of the same outfits on both trips but the winter trip just required some heavier coats and shoes. 

When in doubt, go neutral

In my post about how to pack light for travel, I talk a lot about neutrals. By no means have I perfected a capsule wardrobe but I do think packing for Ireland is a great way to practice some of those basic principles. There is no need to pack multiple heavy winter coats, it’s ok if you wear the same jacket everyday! Even if you have multiple pictures in the same coat, truly nobody cares! If you have a sturdy pair of jeans, wear them three days in a row! Again, nobody will even notice that they are the same. That’s what is so great about basics. 

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Below is a very basic breakdown of what to pack for Ireland 

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Later in this post I will talk through specifics but most likely you could build this packing list with items that are already in your closet! 


  • 3 sweaters/shirts
  • 2 leggings
  • Your favorite jeans
  • 1 nice dress or skirt

Outer Layers:

  • Rain coat
  • Heavy coat (dependent on the time of year)
  • Lightweight jacket
  • Hat
  • Scarf


  • Sneakers
  • Neutral boots

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What shirts to pack for Ireland

Neutral sweaters

Depending on the time of year, you will want either more sweaters or lightweight shirts. Either way, go with your neutrals. My favorite sweaters are black, grey, and green. All of these options can go with any pair of jeans or leggings which multiplies your outfit options. 

Casual Shirts

Lightweight/casual shirts are a great addition to throw into your bag. A simple neutral graphic T or solid color can easily be dressed up or down. Weather can be finicky so it’s a good idea to be prepared for warmer weather just as much as colder. You don’t want to be stuck boiling in a sweater because you didn’t bring any lighter options! 

The best button down

No matter the time of year, I pack my favorite white button down. This can be worn on its own, as a light outer layer, or even as an underlayer to change up the look of your basic sweaters! 

What bottoms to pack for Ireland

Bottoms are the easiest section for packing for Ireland. Keep it simple! 

Your favorite pair of jeans

Always bring your favorite pair of jeans. Go with your tried and true pair that you know you can wear a few days in a row and matches all of those sweaters you love. I have a few pairs of Agolde jeans and while they are pricey, I wear them for years and I love how I feel in them. They are worth the investment. 

Athletic leggings

Most likely you will be going on some sort of hiking excursion while in Ireland so you want something that is comfortable. My lulu aligns are my go to and have been loyal to me for years. Here is a a pair amazon leggings that people also love for a much more reasonable price! 

Faux Leather Spanx leggings

These leggings are my absolute favorite and a staple item on an Ireland packing list. They are so comfortable and stylish. They can also easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. You can wear these with that casual t-shirt or the nicest shirt in your closet! These can go with any shoe. Dress them down with sneakers or dress them up with a pair of black booties. 

A dressier skirt or dress

This one is definitely optional but I think it is a good idea to have a dressier option. The important thing here is that this option does not require a special pair of shoes. A fun patterned skirt or dress that can be worn with tights and your neutral boots is perfect for a night out. You really shouldn’t need more than one outfit like this! 

What outer layers to pack for Ireland

Again, depending on the time of year, the jackets you need will vary but the principles stay the same. Use your best judgment based on temperatures. 


The reality is that it rains in Ireland quite often. I’ve found that the rain is usually intermittent so I always prefer to bring a lightweight rain jacket so that it fits in whatever bag I carry with me during the day. I don’t want to lug around a big rain coat all day if I don’t need to. This is my favorite bag to carry when walking around Ireland! 

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Heavy coat for cold temperature

Just because you need a heavy coat does not mean that it shouldn’t be cute! There are so many great options out there that are stylish and still accomplish the goal of keeping you warm. This should be the only heavy coat that you need and always wear this on the plane to save space in your bags.

Light jacket or shacket

This one is optional depending on the amount of space you have but I think it is nice to have a lighter and more stylish option for pub crawling or warmer days. There are so many great options out there that fit this category nowadays for that tricky in-between weather. 

What shoes to pack for Ireland

Shoes are always a tricky item when packing because they take up so much space in luggage. You want to be efficient here! I suggest sticking to these two pairs. If you have a special event or occasion when you are visiting Ireland, obviously you will need to plan around that but like I said before, I have never been to a bar or restaurant that requires anything dressier than these. 

Your favorite travel sneaker

Vessis are my tried and true travel sneaker. I wear them on travel days, on hikes, or even with those spanx leggings and a cute sweater for pub crawling! If you have a favorite white sneaker, just make sure they work with your jeans so that you can mix and match them with any outfit. 

Neutral Boots

Dr. Martens are my recommended shoe for this category. You need something that is sturdy enough to withstand potential snow or rain and also can put in the miles while walking around all of the different cities. These shoes are so comfortable and sturdy which is essential when packing for Ireland! 

What makes these special is that they also work with a dressier outfit. I love to wear them with either my jeans or spanx leggings and a nice shirt for a fancier evening out! With these, I do not feel the need to pack another pair of booties or heavy pair shoes. 

Travel accessories

Be sure to read our post about 15 Europe Travel essentials to make sure you are all set for international travel! Here are a few of our favorite travel essentials:

I hope this very simple and efficient Ireland packing list helps to plan your next trip to this beautiful country!

Ireland really is a no frills type of destination. You are there to take in the views, listen to live music, and probably drink Guinness. You can absolutely still look great doing that with this Ireland packing list! 

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