Puerto Rico Packing List: Everything you need to pack

What to pack for a trip to Puerto Rico

Planning a trip to Puerto Rico? Then you need a packing list! I lived in San Juan for a month and curated this Puerto Rico packing list based on my experience.

This Puerto Rico packing list works for both a weekend trip or for extended travel. If you are packing for a weekend trip, remember to plan your outfits based on your itinerary. This will save you throwing extra items in your bag that you know you won’t end up wearing! For additional packing tips, read how to pack light for travel.

Weather in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is perfect beach weather pretty much all year long. The days are usually between 75 – 85 degrees. The nights may get a little chillier, just like any beach location! It is also common for there to be intermittent thunderstorms. Bring your favorite umbrella or raincoat!

What to expect in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the best locations to visit in the world. You should be ready to catch some waves and then head to happy hour on the cobblestone streets in Old San Juan. Also, there are multiple excursions that you can take that will go into the rainforest. Make sure to research if those excursions require any specific clothing!

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What to pack for a trip to Puerto Rico

Bathing Suits and cover ups to hit the beach or pool

The beach is one of the main reasons to visit Puerto Rico! Especially if you are escaping the cold up North during the winter, then you want to relax by the ocean or the pool in the Puerto Rican sun. Pack your favorite swimwear and cover ups and get some vitamin D.

Depending on how much time you are in Puerto Rico, you will need more or less swimsuits. I love including this reversible bikini on packing lists because it is 2 for 1 which ultimately saves space. No matter how long you are there though, there is no need to bring more than four of your favorites!

This dress is one of my favorite cover ups. It looks fancy even if you’re not feeling fancy!

Dresses and Rompers

Lightweight dresses

I love adding lightweight dresses to the packing list when traveling to warm destinations and Puerto Rico is no exception! These are the best to switch from daytime to evening. Old San Juan in particular is warm at night because not all of the bars have air conditioning, it’s important to bring a lightweight option.

Rompers and Jumpsuits

Rompers and jumpsuits make the perfect outfit to hit the town at night. Bar hopping in Puerto Rico is by no means dressy, but it is fun to look nice while exploring a new city!

This is my favorite romper for exploring a new city!

Tops & Bottoms

Jean shorts

I always add jean shorts to my Puerto Rico packing list. They are the most versatile shorts to wear to the beach or downtown with a fun shirt!

Flowy pants

I love a pair of fun flowy pants! They are the epitome of island time and you will definitely feel like you are on island time in Puerto Rico. You can make these one of your statement outfits on your Puerto Rico packing list.

White button down

Always pack shirts with a purpose on your Puerto Rico packing list. Match your shirts with the shorts you packed, and make sure each one goes with a pair!

This classic white button down is on every single one of my packing lists. I wear it as an outer layer, beach cover up or just by itself with jean shorts.

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Solid colored tanks

I love a simple tank top that can also be dressed up or down. This knit tank is one of my staples and it comes in multiple colors!

Fun patterned top

Puerto Rico is a great place to bring a fun statement piece to wear with your jean shorts. This is fun to wear to a post beach happy hour or day-time bar crawl!

Shoes & Accessories

I’m always very simple when it comes to what shoes and accessories to pack for Puerto Rico. Pack your favorites and be practical. It is tempting to pack heels but Puerto Rico streets are not the smoothest to walk on. Protect your ankles and wear the flats!

White Birkenstocks

These come with me to every warm weather location. They are the holy grail of travel shoes!

White sneaks

My Vessis are another travel staple. These can be worn for comfort on travel days and on a hike!

Gold sandals

Gold sandals can dress up any outfit. You can also go with bright colored sandals to bring some fun to any outfit!

Beach hat

Puerto Rico is a great location to rock one of these beach hats. For lightweight travel, I love this $6 foldable option from Shien. It get’s a little wrinkly in your bag but just unpack as soon as you arrive and it should be good to go in a few hours!

If you are looking to splurge, this is a stunning beach hat! Rock it with a cocktail in the sand or at happy hour downtown.

Beach mat & towel

I never travel anywhere without my microfiber towel. It barely takes up any space and always comes in handy, especially in a beach destination!

For a more stylish option, here is a super cute Turkish towel to add some fun to your Puerto Rico packing list.

Beach bag

You will need a bag to hit the beach! I love lightweight straw bags that works to stuff all of your belongings. Don’t forget your favorite UE Boom speaker to also jam out while laying on the beach.

Waterproof bag

If you are doing any excursions on a boat or into the rainforest, you will want one of these waterproof bags. These are a great solution to protect all of your electronics while in water. Even if you are just on a boat, it’s the safest option to protect your belongings.

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Puerto Rico is a location of all good vibes. It is by no means a fancy destination, but it is always fun to hit the beach clubs or bars at night feeling good about your outfit!

I hope this Puerto Rico packing list helps plan your next trip to this awesome destination!

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